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Hello V8A friends,
I had a phone call from the Regional District today. They are worried that their small board room will be overflowing with people coming to the delegation tomorrow, and don’t want people to be upset if they are turned away.
There will be a sheet for people to sign if they want to register their support that way.
I thank everyone who is coming to support the delegation, in person or by signature.

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Subject: [V8A] Parks around Powell River

Anyone who cares about future parks around Powell River is welcome to come and support me at the Regional District Board meeting this Thursday at 4 pm.
At the beginning of the meeting, I will be requesting that the board adopt the 2015 Regional Park Acquisition Strategy.

Room #103-4675 Marine Avenue (street level)
4 pm
Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thank you
Janet May

Delegation from Friends of Stillwater Bluffs Association to Committee of the Whole Powell River Regional District Board of Directors

December 15, 2016

Purpose of Delegation is to:

1.     Announce that the Friends of Stillwater Bluffs is an active society that wishes to act in partnership with the Regional District in securing the area known as Stillwater Bluffs as a protected area or park.

2.     Request that the Regional District Board accept the 2015 Parkland Acquisition Strategy as a policy directive.

1.    Friends of Stillwater Bluffs Association (FOSBA)

FOSBA's goal is to protect the ecological integrity and to secure low impact public pedestrian access to Stillwater Bluffs (DL 3040).

FOSBA has sprung from a public wish to continue low impact public access and to protect natural habitats on Stillwater Bluffs. There have been numerous public meetings about Stillwater Bluffs, most recently a series hosted this summer by the Malaspina Land Conservancy.

FOSBA aspires to encourage and abet the Regional District to use its zoning power towards achieving a public park or protected area at Stillwater Bluffs.

FOSBA plans to raise donations, apply for private and public grants, fundraise locally and increase awareness within the Powell River region.

2.   Request that the Committee of the Whole accept the 2015 Parkland Acquisition Strategy.



"On November 25, 2010 the Regional Board accepted the Regional District Parks and Greenspace Plan which provides strategic direction for parks and greenspace planning that will address the long term needs and interests of the region as a whole. The plan contains a number of recommendations directly applicable to Area “C” including: 

 · developing a parks and greenspace acquisition strategy for Stillwater Bluffs and Eagle River; 

· protecting public access to marine foreshore; " 

--from PRRD Electoral Area C Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 467, 2012, April 25, 2013


In February of 2012 a Parks and Greenspace Implementation Advisory Committee was established by the Regional Board. 


In  January 2015 the Parks and Greenspace Implementation Advisory Committee passed a motion,

"That Committee recommend that the amended Parkland Acquisition Strategy be forwarded to the first Committee of the Whole meeting in February for consideration."

Staff reported that "Establishing a parkland acquisition reserve fund is fundamental to any desired future parkland acquisition."

---from Report to Committee of the Whole, Feb 12, 2015

Included in the Draft Parkland Acquisition Strategy:

"Stillwater Bluffs is a popular recreational destination for both residents and visitors to the

PRRD. The area is characterized by rocky coastal bluffs, spectacular ocean views and

waterfront access. It is highly valued by the public as an area for hiking, rock climbing, wildlife

viewing and swimming."

·        "Due to the site’s conservation values, traditional public use, recreational potential and use by residents from all areas of the region and beyond, it is designated as having high potential for a waterfront park." 


At the February 2015 Committee of  the Whole meeting the Draft Parkland Acquisitions Strategy was received, but not accepted.

It was forwarded to the 2015 Strategic Planning Workshop.

At the same February meeting the Parks and Greenspace Implementation Advisory Committee was terminated.

We respectfully inquire, what has happened to the Draft PA Strategy since February 2015? 

What is required before it can be accepted and no longer be a draft?

We request that the Committee of the Whole accept the 2015 Parkland Acquisition Strategy.

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