[V8A] Finance committee chair Wayne Easter defends the privileged

Murray Dobbin murraydobbin at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 22 15:21:22 CDT 2017

Finance committee chair Wayne Easter defends the privileged, undermines
modest tax reforms

Murray Dobbin

September 22, 2017

What is it about progressive politicians going to Ottawa only to end up as
arrogant and nasty conservatives? My old friend Pam Wallin was one of the
kindest people I knew in Regina in the 1970s when she was a member of the
Waffle group in the NDP. She turned into one of the nastiest Conservative

And the last encounter I had with Wayne Easter, Liberal finance committee
chair, was in 1991 when he (as head of the National Farmers' Union) and I
joined other social activists to demonstrate in front of the Reform Party's
policy convention in Saskatoon.

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fends-privileged-undermines-modest-tax> .

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